Petr Cech is now wearing a tie instead of a helmet after EA released their latest patch to FIFA 19.

In an oversight by the developers at EA, Cech was initially coded into FIFA 19 negotiations in the same way as he plays in matches, wearing a helmet. It made for a bit of a ridiculous sight and turned embarrassing for the company when the 36-year-old jokingly highlighted the error on his Twitter account:

Over 226,000 likes later, EA clearly saw the opportunity for a bit of self-promotion. As part of their title update patch, they removed Cech’s helmet and gave him the tie he asked for. You can see the difference in the pictures below:

Responses to the change were mixed. Some were pleased to see a more realistic representation of what negotiations would be like in real life, whereas others accused EA of lacking a sense of humour.

At the very least, at least it shows some willingness from the company to change their game in response to fans bringing up problems. You just need to make sure hundreds of thousands of people react to your tweet about the issue. Simple.