Alex Iwobi says Aaron Ramsey played a big part in his own personal development and he thinks it would be a ‘great miss’ if the Welshman left the club in the upcoming windows.

Aaron Ramsey‘s situation at Arsenal is currently the subject of much speculation. The midfielder has less than a year left on his contract and talks over an extension appear to have completely broken down.

This week, Ramsey’s agent seemingly confirmed that the player will leave the club in one of the next two windows. The agent tweeted at an Arsenal fan that there is ‘no other option’ now. Alex Iwobi is still hopeful that the club can turn it around though, as the 27-year-old was clearly a role model for him.

“He’s a great player. When I was breaking into the first team, I always used to watch and learn things for him. I am still doing that today,” he told BT Sport. “It would be a great miss if he goes but hopefully he can stay.

“We all want him to stay. Hopefully, it can get sorted.”

Unfortunately, it’s starting to seem like player and club have reached a point of no return. There’s a suggestion that this is a power play by Arsenal, after Ramsey and his agent held out for more money for so long. They want to show that not every drawn-out contract negotiation will eventually result in a big-money new deal.

From the looks of things, there will be no offer at all on the table from Arsenal. Other clubs will know that and can make lower offers than they would have accordingly.

Hopefully, this discourages other players from following suit in the future, but it’s a shame the club have to lose Ramsey to make that happen.