Arsenal and the other 14 board members of the European Club Association signed a letter opposing FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s proposals to expand the Club World Cup.

The former UEFA head, who is now in charge of what many consider to be one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet, wants to expand the Club World Cup to 24 teams and rework the newly-formed Nations League, claiming he already has investors prepared to pay around £25bn for four tournaments.

The money is, as with most things when it comes to FIFA, key because when you follow the money you inevitably find a trail of corruption, bribery and more.

UEFA’s current president, Aleksander Ceferin, threatened to lead a walkout at the FIFA council meeting taking place in Rwanda this weekend as things got heated between the two organisations.

The plans presented to the council by Infantino were the same as the ones he was forced to shelve back in May and he was met with the same sort of fierce European objection as greeted his first attempt to increase the amount of football clubs have to play.

Europe, however, is not being entirely selfless in all this. They are concerned more about the impact an expanded Club World Cup could have on the Champions League rather than the already over-worked legs of the players.

There had been initial enthusiasm from Europe’s top clubs about a Club World Cup revamp when they were told that each club could receive more than £100m. Barcelona and Real Madrid even came out in favour of it when they heard about the cash.

All eventually signed the ECA letter opposing the plans.