Arsenal reportedly haven’t cut ties with BYD, despite covering up their logo for the Europa League clash with Vorskla on Thursday.

Arsenal’s partnership with BYD has already taken a lot of twists and turns since the club announced it back in April.

In July, the Gunners had to assist a Chinese investigation into a fraud potentially involving the sponsorship deal. A woman was arrested by Shanghai police on suspicion of contract fraud and faking company seals, according to BYD themselves. However, Arsenal stayed quiet on the impact the situation would have on their partnership.

On Thursday, rumours that Arsenal might have split from BYD peaked again, as the club clearly covered up the sponsorship logos on the bench:

However, reportedly this was just because the company isn’t accredited/documented as a sponsor or business partner in UEFA’s records. The issue is specific to UEFA, and the logos should be back on display for Arsenal’s weekend clash against Everton.

Hopefully they are, and that’s the last of the drama involving BYD and their partnership with Arsenal. It’s hard enough to compete with the other big English clubs commercially, without existing deals causing additional problems.