Mesut Özil’s agent has hit out at the playmaker’s former teammates in the German national team, for the way they’ve all responded to his client’s accusations of racism.

Since Özil called time on his journey with the German national team, Manuel Neuer, Thomas Muller and Toni Kroos have all come out in interviews to undermine the Arsenal man.

Mesut made claims of racism in the media and among supporters, as well as a lack of protection from the German football association. His teammates, however, have chosen to misunderstand and take quotes out of context in their responses.

“Neuer indirectly accused Mesut of not having worn the German jersey with pride,” Sogut said. “This is unacceptable. Müller did not understand the whole discussion. And Kroos, as a seasoned national team player, should explain what he means by ‘nonsense’.

“There are only two explanations: they are either naive or scheming.”

Germany manager Joachim Low was no better, denying any racism towards Özil in the first team squad, even though the 29-year-old never claimed that’s where the discrimination was coming from.

“Low defends himself against an accusation that has never actually been made: Mesut has not been racially abused from within the team but from the midst of German society. The German football association should have been more protective in this case,” Sogut argued.

It’s a shame that Sogut is still having to explain this. If any of Özil’s teammates went and spoke to him personally, or even bothered to read his statement in full, they’d easily understand that their comments missed the mark completely.

As the agent says, either they’re all completely naive, or they know exactly what Özil meant, and they’re just choosing to act like they don’t understand so they can avoid the real issue. Regardless, they’re showing a complete lack of loyalty to a teammate who gave them so much on the pitch.