It’s fair to say Manchester United fans have really started to turn on Alexis Sanchez, after another poor performance from the Chilean in their 1-1 draw with Wolves on Saturday.

In a widely-shared statistic on social media, it was revealed that Sanchez has now gone 831 Premier League minutes without a goal for his new club. At first you could put his poor form down to “settling in”, perhaps. However, eight months after his move, the 29-year-old forward only seems to be getting worse.

The former Arsenal man has only scored in the league against teams in the bottom-six, and right now even those contributions have dried up.

United fans are starting to lose their patience. Twitter user “DevilsOfUnited” asked supporters to sum up the player in one word, and the responses were damning:

Though the fan posting “swap him for Ozil” admittedly doesn’t understand the rules, it shows that even rival fans are starting to come around to the idea that United went for the wrong player. Özil has a couple of goals this week alone, and goalscoring isn’t even the best thing he brings to the team.

As an Arsenal fan, you can’t help but enjoy it all falling apart, just a little.