Laurent Koscielny’s ongoing Achilles problems will finally be cured when he returns from his latest surgery, according to comments from Arsene Wenger.

Before Koscielny’s Achilles tendon rupture back in May, he already had regular Achilles issues as a result of inflammation in the area. The problem was that in a busy footballing calendar, there’s never any time to let the inflammation go away completely, unless you’re willing to voluntarily spend an extended period of time on the sidelines.

Since Koscielny was forced into missing months of football anyway, after having to go into surgery, the upside is that the initial problem should have gone away too. Arsene Wenger explained the situation earlier this year.

“People with inflamed Achilles, they don’t usually rupture,” he said. “The recovery will be full – the advantage of the surgery is it heals the inflammation. He will be cured.”

That’s great news, because many Arsenal fans seem to be under the impression that even when he returned, Koscielny would be a ticking time-bomb with injuries. Having the captain back will be great, but if he’s going to spend the season in and out of the team with niggling Achilles inflammation issues, the Gunners can’t rely on him.

Hopefully Wenger was right, and we’ll be able to get another consistent season or two out of the centre-back. Since he’s now starting to return to training, we should find out soon enough.