Reports in Italy claim that Ivan Gazidis is finally set to leave Arsenal for AC Milan after his mate, Paul Singer, and Elliott Management caved to his salary demands.

Reports this week in the UK press had been leaning towards Gazidis staying with Arsenal but despite being required to give Arsenal 12 months notice it seems like we are moving towards a place of having to replace the man who waited his whole Arsenal career to replace Arsene Wenger and then left five minutes later.

Elliott Management picked up AC Milan when their Chinese owners – whom Elliott Management had helped purchase – defaulted on a payment in excess of €400m that they owed EM. Gazidis has been targeted for the CEO’s role in Italy through his personal relationship with the group’s owner, Singer.

Who will replace Gazidis remains to be seen with the only name mentioned so far that of Josh Kroenke which would be unsurprising given the recent moves of his father.