Arsenal have confirmed a second phase of Club Level redevelopment plans at the Emirates Stadium, as a continuation of the work carried out this summer.

Over next summer, a new private members’ club will be constructed, called The Avenell Club. It will feature panoramic views of the pitch, a variety of new food options and a cocktail bar.

As well that, Arsenal have announced that they’ll complete the second phase of work building an additional row at the front of the Club Level tier. They’ve already installed the new row from block 56 to block 77, but next summer they’ll add the same row to blocks 41-55 and 78-84.

This will increase the stadium’s capacity, of course. However, it will only bring it back roughly in line with the original figure when the Emirates Stadium opened back in 2006.

At that point 60,355 fans could fit inside the ground, but various safety requirements and improvements to facilities brought the figure down. Once the redevelopment is complete, capacity will reportedly be around 60,600, a marginal increase.

Hopefully the second phase of redevelopment goes as smoothly as the first. We wouldn’t want to be unable to use the stadium and have to go and play in Milton Keynes, or something. That would be embarrassing.