Joel Campbell called out a social media post from a journalist in his home country last week, after the Spanish Super Cup on Wednesday.

Costa Rican reporter Everardo Herrera tweeted out a poll asking if the first goal Real Madrid conceded against Atletico Madrid was Keylor Navas’ fault or not. It’s safe to say Campbell didn’t take kindly to the suggestion.

“How disgusting,” Campbell wrote. “And that they are Ticos. Shame!”

‘Tico’ is a nickname for a Costa Rican, so Campbell is clearly trying to highlight the fact that Herrera is calling out a player from his own country. Herrera then tried to backtrack by responding that it was just a question, not an affirmation, but went on to delete the original tweet anyway.

Footballers receive plenty of stick on social media, and asking if a goal was Navas’ fault is hardly as bad as it gets.

Coming from a Costa Rican with over 100,000 followers on Twitter though, it’s probably a little more hurtful than from an angry Real Madrid fan with two spam accounts following them. Particularly as the suggestion will then cause many of those followers to join in having a go at the goalkeeper.

Hopefully Campbell himself gets a bit more of a chance from the media back home when he plays his first games for new club Frosinone.