Emmanuel Eboue has allegedly been arrested on suspicion of arson and malicious communications but his agent says it’s all nonsense.

The former Arsenal defender was reportedly arrested by police on Saturday.

A statement from the police read, “Police investigating an alleged arson at a residential address in Gladbeck Way, Enfield on Saturday, 30 June, arrested a 35-year-old man on suspicion of arson and malicious communications outside the address at around 5pm on Saturday, 7 July.

“He was taken to a north London police station where he currently remains.”

A Scotland Yard spokesperson told the media on Sunday evening “He has since been released with no further action in respect of the arson allegation.

“He has been bailed for further enquiries in relation to the other offences.”

But Eboue’s agent allegedly denies that this has happened, claiming his client is in Uganda.

I say allegedly as he is reported as telling calciomercato.com, in an EXCLUSIVE, “I am currently with Emmanuel here in Uganda. Even now we are together, so the stories saying that he is in London and has been arrested are fake,” but they don’t even mention his name.

The report in Calciomercato also hammer this story as if it is just the S*n and the Mirror reporting it. While I’m the first to bash the mainstream media, this report was EVERYWHERE this morning. When I checked papers across Europe and beyond, there it was, so this certainly doesn’t just come from those two. The first quote above, from the police, came via a Press Association report.

Calciomercato also questions the reported police statement, saying “…the newspapers quote the statement as saying that a ’35-year-old’ man has been arrested. It seems like a very generalised statement altogether,” however this is exactly how police report incidents, especially at an early stage.

Speaking in December, Eboue revealed his personal struggles with money and relationships. He opened up about his divorce, explaining how that had left him with no money or home.

“All I want is to return to football once more,” he told the French press (via The S*n).

“I still possess ability. I would even go to places like Baghdad or Pakistan just to play football, I don’t care where.

“I used to get on well with my children and my family, and now I am completely alone. Football is an ungrateful world. It is no longer about talent – instead it is money and business.

“It hurts me. I no longer switch on the TV when I am at home, as when I see my friends playing football I am happy for them – but deep down within myself I am in tears.”