Sky Sports are asking fans to vote on the lowest point of Arsene Wenger’s 22-year reign at Arsenal at a time when they should be thanking him for helping to make them millions.

Without Arsene Wenger it is a real possibility that the Premier League would not be the success it is today around the world.

Not happy with hounding him relentlessly when he was in the job, and pushing Thierry Henry’s non-existent credentials to replace him, they are now focusing on aspects of Wenger’s time at the club that should just be left alone now that he’s leaving.

Sure, we all know that there were low points under Wenger – we were there, we lived through them and were affected by them more than any moron at Sky Sports.

sky sports wenger poll
via Sky Sports

So why do they feel the need to run a poll like this?

Well, just think of how many ‘Wenger out’ clicks they’ve lost now that he’s decided to call it quits…

It really is that simple. They know they need to find another cash cow now.

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