Mohamed Elneny poked fun at former teammate Alexis Sanchez on Twitter on Wednesday night, not for the first time since the Chilean joined Manchester United.

Elneny initially posted a picture of his World Cup sticker book, asking for help filling in Egypt. One follower replied: “Is Sanchez there? Oh wait Chile didn’t qualify.” Rather than letting the tweet slip under the rader, Elneny replied with an emoji of a monkey laughing:

In case it isn’t obvious, Sanchez and Chile failed to qualify for the World Cup this summer, whilst Elneny and Egypt made the cut.

This is just one of many times the 25-year-old has had a laugh at Sanchez’s expense. Back in December, he posted a tweet saying “who will come with me [to] Russia?”, tagged all his teammates, then said “sorry my friend Sanchez, there is no place for you”:

Then there was the fairly pointed tweet after Sanchez’s departure, saying “Now there are players fighting every minute for the logo and the fans”. It seems pretty clear that was a reference to the Chilean’s half-hearted efforts towards the end of his Arsenal spell.

All this does nothing to harm Elneny’s stock with Arsenal fans, which is already pretty high anyway. Supporters really took to him as he continued to show his passion and enthusiasm on and off the pitch every week. As well as signing a new contract with the club, of course.

Unfortunately, the midfielder isn’t back from his injury just yet, although it shouldn’t be long. For now, we have to settle for the off-pitch stuff. Thankfully, it seems that’s going to be just as entertaining.