Massimiliano Allegri couldn’t pick a better time to leave Juventus, according to the Italian media, even though his recent comments make it sound like he’s considering staying.

In the last week Allegri won yet another Serie A title and Coppa Italia with Juventus. In the end it wasn’t even difficult, with a 4-0 win over Milan in the cup and Napoli falling apart at the last moment in the league.

Afterwards, he didn’t much make it sound like he wants to leave the club. He said: “We must move forward, we will try to win the championship and next year, there will be a fight. We have to think how to improve ourselves.”

In addition, the 50-year-old manager has a contract to 2020 and earns €7.5m-a-season, the most in his league. Despite all that, Friday’s La Gazzetta dello Sport claims there’s ‘no better time than now to separate himself’ from them.

They point out that it’s difficult for the manager to do any better, and his relationship with them risks becoming ‘frayed’ the longer he stays. They also call Arsenal the ‘most plausible’ solution if he goes, and say Allegri is intrigued by an experience abroad.

The reports fit with recent comments from former Juventus player Alessandro Orlando, who claimed Allegri would gladly leave to join Arsenal. Club director Beppe Marotta also recently admitted they’ll have talks with the manager at the end of the season.

It all depends now on whether he decides to use those talks to push for an exit.