Juventus director Beppe Marotta expects Massimiliano Allegri to stay with the club this summer, whilst admitting they have talks planned for the end of the season.

Allegri has become the favourite to replace Arsene Wenger in recent days, particularly after David Ornstein claimed on Monday that the Italian “plans to leave Juventus”. Marotta seems sure of the opposite though, based on his recent comments to the media.

“We have a great relationship with Allegri which has worked and continues to work,” he explained. “And, after winning the title, we will talk about the future, which I am certain will be full of satisfaction earned together.”

These quotes don’t really fit with other rumours we’ve heard from the country. For example, on Monday we reported that Calciomercato claim Juventus are already looking for a new manager.

Allegri looks to be heading for yet another successful season with the Italian side. They’re close to winning their fourth consecutive Serie A title in a row under him, and on Wednesday they play in the final of the Coppa Italia. A win in midweek would be his fourth consecutive cup trophy as well.

Although he never managed to pick up the Champions League trophy, he did make the final twice.

You can see why Juventus would be keen to keep him then. Hopefully Arsenal can convince the 50-year-old to take on a new challenge in North London. We’ll have to wait and see.