Juventus are already looking for a replacement for Massimiliano Allegri, amid rumours of Arsenal interest in the manger to take over from Arsene Wenger.

On Sunday, Wenger managed his final match with Arsenal in North London, and the club really need to ramp up their search for his successor at this point. Calciomercato have linked Allegri to the job in recent weeks, and now they’re reporting that Juventus “are already planning to find a replacement for the 50-year-old”.

Club and manager have a meeting planned for the end of the season, at which point they could decide to end their existing relationship by mutual agreement, according to the Italian outlet.

Allegri looks to be heading for yet another successful season with the Italian side. They’re close to winning their fourth consecutive Serie A title in a row under him, and on Wednesday they play in the final of the Coppa Italia. A win in midweek would be his fourth consecutive cup trophy as well.

Although he never managed to pick up the Champions League trophy, he did make the final twice.

I can’t really see why Juventus would want to let him go, given all that. Perhaps he’ll feel he’s achieved all he can in the country though.

If you value rumours on social media at all, this weekend Twitter user “FK” suggested the Arsenal interest in Allegri is genuine.

We’ll have to wait and see if that’s true, and whether the Italian manager has any interest in Arsenal.