Karim Benzema reportedly wanted to move to Arsenal last summer but was talked out of it by Zinedine Zidane and his father.

The French forward has been linked with Arsenal for more years that I can count and few people took the rumours seriously.

Today, however, Sport report that Benzema decided to leave Real Madrid after Arsene Wenger promised to not only make him the leading striker at Arsenal but to build his team around him.

Zidane, however, urged him to remain with the Spanish side while his father, Hafid, told him to stay at Real Madrid when he learned of the decision.

5 may 2018 sport spain benzema
Sport (Spain) 5 May 2018

Benzema then opted to sign a new deal at the club meaning that this all must have happened last summer as the Frenchman penned a new deal in September.

I have to say, I’ve been incredibly dismissive of the rumours linking Benzema to Arsenal, mostly because they seem to be being peddled by Don Balon.

This makes things slightly different, but with Arsene Wenger leaving Arsenal in the summer, I suspect the Benzema rumours will leave with him.