Zeljko Buvac is still the bookies’ favourite to take over from Arsene Wenger at the end of the season, despite interviewing to become Eintracht Frankfurt’s new manager.

Earlier this week, Buvac decided to take a leave of absence from Liverpool for ‘personal reasons’. Then a bunch of media reports claimed he was about to take the job at Arsenal.

Since then, reports in Germany have suggested the former Liverpool man is actually set for a possible switch to the Bundesliga. In all honesty, it makes more sense, given the scale of the task for someone taking over at Arsenal right now.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to bet on the club’s next manager, Buvac remains the favourite.

Here are the top five according to a major bookmaker, at the time of writing:

5. Luis Enrique


4. Brendan Rodgers


3. Carlo Ancelotti


2. Massimiliano Allegri


1. Zeljko Buvac


As you can see, even members of the top five have odds as long as 12/1, so the betting websites really don’t have much clue what’s going to happen. Arsenal appear to be keeping the search under wraps at the moment, despite the constant rumours.

After Arsenal’s elimination from the Europa League on Thursday, there’s now just over a week until the end of the season. Hopefully the club have someone ready by then, because they need to have a busy summer.