Arsenal are considering naming the West Stand of their stadium the ‘Arsene Wenger Stand’, according to reports, but some fans think they should go even further.

Twitter user Darren posted the rumour on social media, and John Cross of the Mirror seemed to give his support to the gossip by briefly retweeting it onto his own timeline.

It would be a nice touch from the club, and a permanent way of ensuring Wenger’s legacy carries on as they move on without him. Arsenal fans pretty much all responded in the same way, by asking for the stadium to be renamed instead.

Not everyone was convinced though. Some thought the supporters on social media were going too far, and a stand was more than enough:

Others weren’t so keen on the idea of naming anything after the boss:

After 22 years, a stadium move, double figures for trophies and a massive impact on almost everything the club does today, I think there definitely needs to be something to commemorate what Wenger has done.

Statues are nice, but I personally think the 68-year-old deserves something a bit bigger. Still, I think sponsorship agreements will get in the way of any plans to rename the stadium.

We’ll have to wait and see what the club decides.