Xabi Alonso’s comments in a 2016 interview could provide a major hint about the 36-year-old’s future, with rumours he could join Mikel Arteta at Arsenal.

A couple of years ago, Arteta and Alonso spoke to the Arsenal YouTube channel about their friendship. They went through the history of their relationship, starting in the youth teams together at Antiguoko, then Real Sociedad, before both moving to Liverpool (Arteta playing for Everton of course).

Now, it seems like the pair could reunite again, with rumours suggesting Arteta wants his former teammate to join the backroom staff at Arsenal. Kike Marin, the journalist who called Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s transfer to the club, admitted it was a possibility on Sunday night.

Alonso’s comments in the YouTube interview suggest he still keeps in touch with the former Gunner, and he took a particular interest in Arsenal as a club:

“I follow him very closely, because we have kept in touch forever,” Alonso explained. “When he moved from Everton to Arsenal, I wanted to know how it works there in Arsenal, and he’s enjoying it so far.”

Arteta made it clear he admires the former Bayern Munich man as well, in his part of the video.

“I’m proud that he’s coming from the same city, and he’s taken that name as well when he’s been at Liverpool or Real Madrid or Bayern Munich because he’s been successful everywhere,” Arteta said. “The way he committed himself, the way he behaves, I think he’s a great example for every kid trying to be a footballer.”

We’ll have to wait and see if the former midfielder gets the chance to continue to be a ‘great example’ to young footballers from the Arsenal bench. You certainly don’t get the impression either player would have any reservations about working together again. It’s just whether the board approve of the move. I’m sure the fans would.

You can check out the full interview in the video below: