Mikel Arteta will be announced as Arsenal manager early next week, according to a variety of reports on the appointment.

From the looks of things, it’s just a matter of time now until Arteta becomes Arsene Wenger’s successor. Goal write that the Spaniard has agreed in principle to replace the former manager, although no contract has been signed just yet.

The only thing left to figure out (other than who will be working alongside him) is when Arsenal will make the announcement.

The original Goal report claimed it would happen ‘in the coming days’. Rumours on social media suggest it could happen on Monday or Tuesday, since a number of members of staff will return to the club after a week off. Meanwhile beIN SPORT also claim it’ll be early next week.

Knowing Arsenal, they’ll probably find a way to drag it out a bit longer. I’m sure next week we’ll hear about some unexpected complication that pushes the announcement back. After all, they’re under no real time pressure to get it done, with almost two months until the next Arsenal fixture.

Of course, the sooner the better. Players stalling on contract extensions want to know the new manager, new signings will be in the same situation, and everyone in and around the club can move onto thinking about next season. That and the upcoming World Cup. Hopefully they don’t drag it out too long this time.