Thomas Tuchel is the type of character who would ask Arsenal to sack Sven Mislintat according to one BvB expert who believes the head scout’s employment at the club is a major barrier to Tuchel’s arrival.

We began the week with claims that Arsenal had offered the manager’s job to the former Dortmund manager and that he had not only accepted but turned down Bayern Munich to come to London.

It was a lovely story, full of crucial elements to make it a hit – the young, exciting manager who wanted us so much he was willing to turn down guaranteed league and Champions League trophies to come to us.

But it didn’t last long.

A few days later the opposite was being claimed – that Tuchel would reject a move to Arsenal because he wanted to go to Bayern.

Then we hear that he’s in talks with Chelsea.

It’s almost as if nobody is really sure what’s going on.

But even if Arsenal were talking to him, there’s the small matter of Sven Mislintat whom Tuchel is said to despise.

Mislintat has already addressed the problems, with Kicker reporting that ‘‘he will always submit to club interests and will always do his work loyally.’

But Brian Meyers, a BvB expert and managing editor of Fear the Wall, a Dortmund blog, believes that the two working together would be an issue for Tuchel.

“There really is only one reason I can’t imagine Tuchel going to Arsenal,” Meyers told SB Nation.

“Sven Mislintat and Tuchel REALLY don’t like each-other.

“Tuchel banned him from the training ground. Tuchel’s hatred of Sven is one of the first major rifts that split him and (Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim) Watzke.

“Tuchel is the kind of person to be petty enough to ask Arsenal fire their new head scout as a condition of hiring him.

“There is such a petty silly rift between these too. The problem with their rift, to me, was that reports indicate it wasn’t really over football. They just didn’t like being around each other.

“They are both adults and if the team can help them get over their silly differences Arsenal may have something really special in the works.”

It seems, however, that none of this will be an issue.

From all the rumblings around it seems like Tuchel is indeed searching for his next job in management after sitting on the sidelines since last May.

However, Arsenal are more than likely going to let Arsene Wenger see out the final year of his contract so that job will probably have to be somewhere else as Arsenal miss out again.