Hector Bellerin, who was in the stands after being ruled out with an ankle injury, decided to troll Troy Deeney on Twitter following the striker’s penalty miss and Arsenal’s 3-0 win.

It seems the Arsenal players are feeling confident after stringing an impressive two wins together this week.

After Arsene Wenger’s side beat Watford 3-0 on Sunday, Bellerin, who is currently sidelined with an ankle injury, retweeted the clip of Deeney claiming the right-back ‘couldn’t see’ a foul he committed against Watford last year because his hair got in the way.


A bit of a cheap dig, to be fair, which the Spaniard obviously didn’t take too kindly to.

Bellerin tweeted, “Looks like you couldn’t see today either” at Deeney post-match. You know, ’cause Deeney missed a penalty and everything.


Of course, Arsenal fans are loving the banter, seeing as we’re not really used to winning anymore and we’re all feeling a bit giddy.

Watford fans, however, are not best pleased. Especially given Jack Wilshere’s trolling before the game… they’ve had a tough day.

Arsenal’s 3-0 win over Watford tasted all the sweeter considering Deeney, who criticised the Gunners’ cajones when the Hornets beat them back in October, missed that penalty.

The 29-year-old kicked the ball weakly down the middle of the goal directly at Petr Cech, who hardly had to move.

The spot-kick save was Cech’s first since he signed for Arsenal in 2015 and his 200th clean sheet in the Premier League.