Sunday’s FA Women’s Cup quarter final postponement is set to create a number of fixture list problems before the end of the season on 20th May.

There are now eight League games remaining, but only six are actually scheduled at the moment, and there aren’t many weekend dates available.

It’s clear that mid-week games will have to take place instead.

Those games are not the most practical for fans to attend, as seen at the Conti Cup final in Wycombe. Only 2000+ fans attended the match, thanks to the timing and location.

Here is the fixture list so far:

  • 25 Mar possible FA Women’s Cup QF H Charlton
  • 01 Apr Chelsea H
  • 08 Apr International games, FIFA WWC 2019 qualifiers
  • 15 Apr FA Women’s Cup SF, possible rescheduling date if eliminated by Charlton
  • 21 Apr Yeovil A
  • 29 Apr Birmingham A
  • 06 May possible rescheduling date
  • 12 May FA Women’s Cup final & 13 May Manchester City H
  • 20 May Bristol A

The two matches currently without a date are Liverpool (H) and Sunderland (A).

The biggest problem in changing the fixture list is that the opposition teams are also playing in different competitions like the Champions League or the FA Cup, so they also have to reschedule their games.

Like every season, we’ll end up in a situation where the games are piling up at the back end. Clearly something wrong.

In the five months from the 23rd September to 18th March, Arsenal have played 10 league games. From the 18th March to 20th of May, they have to play eight league games.

It seems we’re set for another ‘survival of the fittest’ end to the season.

The teams with the biggest squad, the best training and physical recovery facilities will have a big advantage over those with a smaller squad and fewer resources.

Hopefully, we can get some injured players back in the run-up to the end of the season, in order to have a chance to win the FA Women’s Cup and also qualify for the Champions League.