The Daily Mail have put together an entire piece on whether Arsene Wenger’s time at Arsenal should come to an end and, predictably, not a single one of their ‘top reporters’ believes the Frenchman should stay.

If even the most staunch Arsenal fans want Wenger to leave after that humiliating display in the Carabao Cup final, you can bet your bottom dollar that the media do as well. Although, who will they pick on once he’s gone? They’ve clearly not thought this through.

The Daily Mail are one outlet whose writers don’t just think the 68-year-old should leave Arsenal, they’re actually bored of writing about it.

And I can’t really blame them, which isn’t something I ever thought I’d say about Daily Mail journalists.

In an article released on Thursday, the outlet rounded up it’s ‘top reporters’ in order to give their verdict on whether Wenger should stay at Arsenal or not.

daily mail march 1
Daily Mail, 1 March 2018

And said reporters didn’t pull any punches.

“Absolutely. It’s boring now,” said Craig Hope. “In fact, it has been for a long time. For a manager who was such an innovator, he himself has not evolved.”

wenger tottenham
(IAN KINGTON/AFP/Getty Images)

Ian Herbert said: “If he cannot inspire his players to give their all in the only domestic tournament left available to them, then all hope of rediscovering the old intensity has gone.”

“It should have been Arsene Wenger’s last season in charge about five years ago,” added Laurie Whitwell, “when the innovation had long dried up and the stagnation had clearly set in.”

“Arsenal have been in steady decline for years with regards to their transfer policy, coaching and adaptability to the modern game,” chimed in Joe Bernstein. “Those used to be Wenger strengths – at 68 years old, they are now his weaknesses.”

Chris Wheeler said: “Arsenal are locked into a cycle of mediocrity, now bordering on misery, that will not be broken until Arsene Wenger makes way for a new man with fresh ideas.”

Although the journalists do tear into the Frenchman, it’s hard to disagree with most of their points. Again, not something I ever thought I’d find myself saying.

While I don’t think there are many people on this planet that think Wenger should remain Arsenal manager past this season, most fans don’t want him chased out of the club he will have been at for 22 years either.