Ex-Barcelona president Joan Laporta believes that Arsenal should take a chance on appointing Thierry Henry as manager just like he did with Pep Guardiola, but the fans don’t agree.

Laporta spoke with the Telegraph recently and said that Arsenal should take a gamble with Henry. The ex-Barca president bases this on the fact that he recruited Pep Guardiola in 2008 when the Spaniard was also relatively unknown.

“The same requirements we were appreciating in Pep Guardiola when we decided to put him as a coach of the first team, Thierry has many of them,” said Laporta.

“If he wants to become a coach and more specifically wants to coach Arsenal, then it is because he is convinced he will do it very well because he is looking for excellence all the time.

henry coaching
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“Just as when he was a player.

“He knows football, as one of the best players in the world. These kinds of people, like Pep Guardiola and Johan Cruyff, they know very well football.

“They don’t need the extended period maybe that other coaches need to be a great coach.

“He knows Arsenal, the supporters, the club and he’s a guy that deserves everything he would like to achieve.

“I believe he could be a very good coach.

“For him, with his reputation, it’s not acceptable to fail.”

The difference between Henry and Guardiola is pretty clear to most.

Henry has coached at London Colney for a bit and then helped out Roberto Martinez with the Belgium squad but, other than that, he’s very inexperienced.

Even though I have no doubt he’d jump at the chance to coach Arsenal (he made that much clear after the Carabao Cup final), he’s said some pretty harsh stuff about the club in the past so whether the board would actually be willing to take a gamble on him is another issue.

On the other hand, Guardiola has previously coached Barcelona B. While with the Catalan’s second side, he won the Tercera División (2007/08). Therefore, though he was inexperienced and potentially a bit of a gamble for such a big European club, Laporta was aware of what Guardiola could do. He may not have known Guardiola would bring as much success as he did with the first team, but he had still seen him in action.

Arsenal don’t have that with Henry.

When we put the question to Twitter, the general feeling was similar to ours at Daily Cannon. One day, having Henry, or any legend, as coach would be nice, but for the time being we need someone more experienced.

Still, 43% voted that yes, Arsenal should take the gamble now.