Jeremy Wilson published a piece for the Telegraph on Friday in which he admitted that he doesn’t see Arsenal convincing Arsene Wenger to leave the club at the moment… and fans are not happy, to say the least.

According to Wilson’s piece for the Telegraph (£), he can’t see Arsenal taking action against Wenger at this point in the season, even after the recent poor results. Nor can he see the club convincing the 68-year-old that it’s time to stand down.

While the board apparently aren’t happy with the lapse in form that has been spiraling out of control over the past two seasons, they’re also aware of the Frenchman’s ability to turn results around. With this in mind, it’s unlikely that he will be sacked between now and May, but a decision will be made once the campaign is over.

The Telegraph tend to be pretty accurate when it comes to their Arsenal news, so I wouldn’t bet against what Wilson says. Even without any form of insider knowledge, it makes perfect sense. Most fans can’t see the club ever sacking Wenger, let alone in the middle of a season.

As depressing as it is, I don’t see anything changing between now and May.

And it seems most Arsenal fans agree with me but they’re not happy about it.