If Arsenal really did respect Arsene Wenger as a man instead of just a shield to protect every culpable coward at the club, they would make the decision to end this now.

They would see a once-great man who transformed not only this club but English football struggling.

They would acknowledge what he cannot not or will not and, like a relative who cares for a family member participating in self-harm behaviour, they would do all in their power to stop it.

Arsenal have the chance to take that decision now.

They can decide to end Wenger’s contract in the summer and tell everyone now.

They can dedicate the rest of a dead season – you really think this side can beat Milan over two legs? – to celebrating the greatest manager the club has ever had.

With one short announcement they can transform the mood of this club, from the furthest flung fan to the players themselves.

But they say nothing.

They do nothing.

Their inaction is as much of a choice as making the call to end his contract. Because still, even now, as he teeters on the brink, a shell of his former self, looking exhausted and broken, they are still content to let the fans and media aim all their blows on his already battered body.

Wenger is not blameless in all this, but he is human.

Sometimes you need to show what cannot be easily seen by those in the midst of a crisis. We have long since past the point where it is clear Wenger is no longer in a position to judge his own performance clearly.

Will any of the cowards at the club find the guts to stop this or will they continue to watch on as he destroys himself further before allowing him to slink off into the shadows in the summer without so much as a farewell?

Sadly, I think we all know the answer to this.

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