Believe it or not, Arsenal could still find a way to prevent Spurs from getting Champions League football next season.

In this time of uncertainty and – let’s face it – misery for Arsenal supporters, we need to be able to cling onto everything we can. Football’s supposed to be enjoyable, after all.

Therefore, when Tim Stillman pointed out on Twitter that it’s actually possible for Arsenal to stop Spurs from getting Champions League football next season, Gooners allowed themselves to feel a glimmer of hope.

As Tim says, if the Premier League table stays the way it is, Arsenal finish sixth, Chelsea fifth and Spurs fourth – in the Champions League play-off spot.

However, if Chelsea were to win the Champions League and Arsenal the Europa League, these two clubs would instead be given Champions League spots, which would prevent Spurs from getting the chance to qualify.

Obviously, this is highly unlikely but it’s something, right? How hilarious would that be?

Arsenal face AC Milan this Thursday in the next round of the Europa League and, on paper, Arsene Wenger’s men should be able to beat the Italian giants. But if you’ve seen Arsenal play recently, you know this probably won’t happen.

Chelsea play Barcelona away in the second leg of their tie next Wednesday. They’re currently level (1-1) on aggregate.