With almost three-quarters of the Premier League season gone, let’s look at who the competition’s most clinical goalscorer is.

Currently, Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah and Sergio Aguero lead the Premier League top scorers list. Despite scoring over 20 goals each, none of them can claim the title of most clinical, however.

In order to figure out who can, we looked at every player who has taken 50 shots or more this season. Then we calculated how many shots each player needs to score a goal (excluding penalties).

Here is the top 10:

10. Alexandre Lacazette

7.00 shots per goal

9. Harry Kane

6.95 shots per goal

8. Riyad Mahrez

6.75 shots per goal

7. Alvaro Morata

6.40 shots per goal

6. Romelu Lukaku

5.77 shots per goal

5. Eden Hazard

5.67 shots per goal

4. Sergio Aguero

4.94 shots per goal

3. Roberto Firmino

4.92 shots per goal

2. Mohamed Salah

4.82 shots per goal

1. Raheem Sterling

4.43 shots per goal

Even though he’s only fifth on the list, Eden Hazard gets a greater percentage of his shots on target than anyone else (60.8%).

He’s followed by Alexandre Lacazette (51.8%).

They’re the only two players with over 50 shots to get more than half of those shots on target.

At the other end of the spectrum, Tom Ince is the least clinical, with 54 shots to his one goal. Granit Xhaka is second to last, as he’s taken 53 and also scored just once.

Meanwhile, the player to hit the target with the smallest percentage of his shots is Dele Alli (18.6%).

It all goes to show what most fans have known for months. The problem isn’t Lacazette’s ability to convert chances, it’s Arsenal’s ability to create them.

Also, Xhaka needs to stop shooting so often.