After Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat away to Brighton on Sunday, Jack Wilshere apologised for the abject display his side put on.

Although Wilshere wasn’t the problem during Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat at the AMEX, his and his teammates haven’t exactly been shining examples of professional athletes this season. Whether there are bigger problems going on off the pitch that the fans don’t know about, or whether there’s simply no communication among the squad and Arsene Wenger anymore, we don’t know, but something needs to change.

Wilshere acknowledges that it’s a ‘difficult period’ at the club. The 26-year-old doesn’t say the team are just going through a rough patch or a dip in form. While I could be reading too much into it, this appears to be indicating that there are other problems going on.

Arsenal fans are currently in a state of limbo between wanting to support the club they love and reaching the end of their tether with a board and manager they no longer believe in.

Still, Gooners appreciate the Englishman’s honesty.

It’s easy for Wilshere to tell us to stick by the club when he’s the one who hasn’t signed a new deal yet. The midfielder has just three months left on his current Arsenal contract and, if the recent reports are to be believed, he’s looking less and less likely to sign a new one.