Ian Wright thinks Arsenal need to look at someone like Mauricio Pochettino to replace Arsene Wenger, rather than somebody ‘old’ like Carlo Ancelotti.

In the last few days, the rumours have started to build that Arsenal might finally move on from Wenger.

The desperately disappointing League Cup final defeat to Manchester City, combined with the growing distance to the top four in the league, appears to be the final nails in his coffin.

On Tuesday morning, a source close to Arsenal reportedly revealed seven names shortlisted to replace Wenger. The list contained names like Carlo Ancelotti, but Ian Wright thinks the club need to look for someone younger.

“The club need to start looking for somebody who is not old,” he said.

“They are talking about Carlo Ancelotti, but they need to find the next one like Mauricio Pochettino, who built his way up.

“Marco Silva stepped on his own ambition. Somebody like that is good and can build, have a philosophy and be enthused with drive; someone who can bring in a player that can see his philosophy through, like we are seeing at Manchester City.”

The main problem with hiring a young manager like Pochettino or Silva is that they lack experience.

The Tottenham manager may have helped push his side up the table, but they’re yet to win anything.

In the biggest games they’ve always come up short.

Like Arsenal, they lost their most recent League Cup final, 2-0 to Chelsea.

They had the chance to win the league in 2015/16 and 2016/17 and faltered late on both times.

They crashed out in the FA Cup semi-final last year as well.

So far we haven’t seen the evidence things will be different this time around.

Replacing one of England’s most successful managers with someone who hasn’t won anything would be a massive gamble at best.

It remains to be seen whether it’s a risk Arsenal are willing to take.