Arsene Wenger thought Arsenal should have beaten Tottenham in the first half, but Hector Bellerin didn’t think they made enough chances.

The first half against Tottenham presented a number of opportunities for Arsenal to do damage on the counter attack.

Unfortunately, the final pass was lacking.

Wenger believes that had his side taken those opportunities, the game would have been over by half-time.

“Firstly, I think the game should have been finished at half-time for me. We missed opportunities on counter-attacks that are not missable at our level, due to the final ball,” Wenger said, as reported by

Arsenal couldn’t get that first half goal, and were then completely dominated in the second half.

Interestingly, Bellerin has a different view of how the first half went.

He felt they didn’t take enough of the initiative and were too passive.

“In the first half, we were waiting for something to happen,” he said on

“We didn’t create chances, we didn’t have the ball like we should have done and then in the second half we paid for it. We need to take the initiative a bit more, to attack more and keep the ball because we didn’t do that today.”

It looked like Arsenal went into the game intending to sit deep and hurt Spurs on the break with Aubameyang’s pace.

Spurs were leaving a lot of space, and Arsenal would have had chance had their passing been better.

From that perspective, Wenger may have a point.

On the other hand, Arsenal didn’t play those passes and didn’t work Hugo Lloris at all until the second half.

Once Spurs stepped their game up, Arsenal had no answer.

Whether we created chances or didn’t, the truth was we didn’t get enough shots in on Tottenham’s goal.

Winning games is going to be hard going if we can’t even do that.