On Monday morning, Alex Iwobi posted a mysterious update to his Snapchat, and left Arsenal supporters arguing over what it meant.

After the loss to Tottenham at the weekend, Iwobi posted a seemingly heartfelt message about putting things right. Then on Monday, he posted a quick Snapchat update only containing an emoji with fingers to its lips:

Most fans initially assumed he was silencing his critics. A number of other tweets from big Arsenal accounts went up implying the same thing.

ArsenalFanTV tweeted the Snapchat update alongside the Instagram message, making it seem like they were related. Supporters on Twitter weren’t happy with Iwobi:


Other fans theorised that the message was actually a response to Iwobi’s former partner, Clarisse Juliette. She posted Snapchat updates of her own last night, baiting the Arsenal man with apparent jibes about his new relationship:

Some fans tried to point out that out, but no one really wanted to hear it:

Iwobi isn’t a very popular figure among the Arsenal fanbase at the moment, so people are seemingly more keen to jump on the idea that he’s responding to supporters.

Honestly, the 21-year-old should probably have realised how the update would be taken before posting. If it really was a response to his former partner, then maybe they can sort out their differences in private next time.