Dortmund CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke has issued a stern warning to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s former teammates.

Watzke insists that if another players tries to force their way out of the club in the same manner as Aubameyang, they will not succeed and their relationship with Dortmund will be completely destroyed.

“On Thursday I told the team in no uncertain terms: The next player who does this will fail miserably,” Watzke said in an interview with Monday’s edition of FAZ (via Sport1).

“(The player) will get a huge problem here.

“He will not come through and sit in the stands.”

Aubameyang tried to leave Dortmund in the summer. According to ESPN, the 28-year-old wanted to sign for Paris Saint-Germain but the Ligue 1 giants’ sporting director, Antero Henrique, wanted Kylian Mbappe instead.

Therefore, similar to Alexis Sanchez’s final months at Arsenal but on a larger scale, Aubameyang’s relationship with Dortmund went downhill very quickly. His mind had left the club yet his body was present and he still managed to net 21 goals in 24 appearances. While Aubameyang’s behaviour has been widely criticised, the ‘consummate professional’ that is supposedly Alexis Sanchez, scored eight in 23 appearances during the same period.

The Gabon international had always been known as a ‘character’ in Germany but after showing a 10-man Red Bull camera crew around Dortmund’s training ground in November, turning up to training late more than once and missing a team meeting in January, it became apparent that Aubameyang did not want to be there anymore.

The striker even wore an Ousmane Dembélé shirt during an indoor football match while he was suspended. Dembélé forced a move from Dortmund to Barcelona last summer.

Aubameyang put Dortmund in a tough position because Arsenal knew he wanted out. I can understand why they’re angry and don’t want a repeat of the last few weeks.