Eamon Dunphy says Paul Pogba should move to Arsenal after his ‘awful’ recent performances for Manchester United.

Dunphy spent a few years with the United academy, before playing for Millwall and the Republic of Ireland. Now he works as an analyst for RTE. After Manchester United’s win over Chelsea he told the Irish station how disappointed he was with his former club’s star midfielder.

“Lukaku did his stuff again and he did it in a big way as he scored a goal and made a goal, but Pogba was pretty awful,” Dunphy said. “He was faffing around in midfield throwing his leg over…the ball I mean! He’s just no good.

“He should sign for Arsenal just to complete the comedy.”

Pogba had a very positive first season with Manchester United, winning the League Cup and the Europa League. UEFA even named him Europa League player of the season. It seemed like the 24-year-old would push on this campaign, but recently he’s been going backwards.

The problems started last month with the signing of Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean joined on massive wages, and the media reported that Pogba wanted a pay rise to match them. Since then the Frenchman has been in and out of the starting XI as United lost a couple of key matches.

Former United midfielder Paul Ince said after the defeat to Newcastle that a big problem is that Sanchez and Pogba both love to roam the pitch, but if they both do so the team loses its shape. Ince also implied that the former Juventus man wouldn’t like losing the limelight to the 29-year-old.

It’s good to see Sanchez is being just as disruptive in United colours.