Cesc Fabregas has revealed that he’d like to become a football manager one day, which got tongues wagging – or fingers typing – over whether Gooners would welcome the playmaker at Arsenal.

Cesc admits that, while it’s a long way away, he would quite like to become a football manager one day.

“At this stage I would say that I want to get into management. In life anything can happen though, everything can change in your mind,” the Spaniard, who was at Arsenal for eight years (2003-2011), told Soccer AM, via Sky Sports.

“I am still feeling very good, very young, I think I can play for many more years, so it’s not something I feel I want to do straight away. But in the future I would like to try.”

Of course, the dream for most fans would be to have an ex-player – a legend – become Arsene Wenger’s long-term successor at Arsenal.

However, given the fact that most of the former Gunners currently/recently managing are either pretty bad at their job (Tony Adams) or not nearly experienced enough (Dennis Bergkamp), we’ll probably be waiting a long time.

Therefore, most Gooners have put that little dream in a box and slid it under their beds, knowing that we’ll have to settle for a short-term solution first.

When Cesc made his revelation though, it got Gooners dreaming again.

Some, anyway.

In fact, when we put it to you lot on Twitter, 55% of you didn’t want to even entertain the idea of the 30-year-old one day returning to north London after his stints at Barcelona and Chelsea.

32% of you would, no questions asked, have the midfielder back as a coach and 13% would welcome him back if he showed quality in a previous managerial role.

Your move I guess, Cesc.