Arsenal’s official energy partner since October 2016, Octopus Energy, has been nominated for the Sustainability Initiative of the Year at the BT Sport Industry Awards following their work with the club.

Since joining forces with Octopus, Arsenal have become the first Premier League club to use 100% renewable energy over all three of their sites: the Emirates Stadium, their London Colney training ground and Academy in Hale End.

According to Arsenal’s website, Octopus have also created a bespoke green Arsenal tariff for supporters if they also want to use renewable energy.

Renewable energy is energy you get from a source that doesn’t deplete, such as wind turbines or solar panels.

By using renewable energy, you can limit the amount of greenhouse gases emissions being put out into the air.

According to in October 2017, the Emirates relies on solar panels and recycling for its energy, which, at the time of the report, had apparently saved 2.32 million kilograms of CO2 from being produced.

No wonder Octopus have been nominated for the award.

What’s more, Octopus and Arsenal aim to plant 1,000 trees in school grounds around the UK in order to improve air quality.

It’s excellent news for Octopus and I’m proud to have Arsenal linked to such a company.

The BT Sport Industry Awards take place on 26 April 2018.