Harry Kane has once again been crying about Arsenal rejecting him when he was eight.

The Spurs striker still has a chip on his shoulder about the whole affair.

In fact, Kane even credits Arsenal with his success. Not because we trained him to be a good player or anything but because he was so determined to prove the club wrong, he blossomed.

“After Arsenal, I bounced around a bit and went back to play for my local team, and then I was spotted by a scout from Watford who offered me a trial,” Kane told the Players’ Tribune.

“It’s funny how things work out — as it was after playing for Watford against Tottenham that I got the opportunity to join Tottenham’s youth academy. The white kit fit better on me, I think.

“I remember the first time we played against Arsenal … and even back then, I had a chip on my shoulder. It might sound ridiculous — I was only eight when they let me go — but every time we played them, I thought, ‘Alright, we’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong.'”

That’s bitterness for you. He’s definitely a Spurs man.

For the most part, Gooners are pretty ambivalent over the 24-year-old’s most recent comments.

The England international was eight years old at the time – there was no way the Arsenal coaches would have known that he would go on to be netting 30 goals a season with their north London rivals.

As Reddit user EmtyThe1st says: “Shame on us for not figuring out this specific 8 year old kid with talent surrounded by dozens of other 8 year old kids with talent would turn out to be pretty good 16 years later.

“I bet Ridgeway Rovers are cursing themselves as well.”

Another user, Keskekun, added, “It’s such a ridiculous argument, I’m all for the bantz but unless you have god damn real deal seer in your club there is no way in hell you’d ever know Kane turn out the way he did.”

While Kane is undoubtedly a fantastic striker, there’s a reason Arsenal didn’t want him when he was eight and there’s a reason we never returned for him.

There’s no point getting frustrated about a player we let go while they were still in Junior school.

I’d be interest to see what other clubs have let go of eight-year-olds that have gone on to become decent players… because we never hear about them… Almost as if they’ve all actually moved on with their lives.

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