Arsenal will wear all red during the Carabao Cup final clash against Manchester City…

1…and the majority of fans aren’t happy.

Arsenal wore an all-red kit – apart from white sleeves – against West Brom on New Year’s Eve.

It was the first time the Gunners had worn red shorts and socks in 40 years and the kit composition didn’t go down very well at all with the fans.

In fact, most Arsenal fans spent more time commenting on how Arsene Wenger’s men looked like they were dressed as Santa than the match itself.

Well, until the controversial penalty, that is.

They’re not happy this time either.

As fans have pointed out, Arsenal have worn white shorts against City before and there’s been no clash or confusion, which is presumably why Wenger’s men are being forced to dress themselves up as Coca Cola cans at Wembley.

Surely, it would just be easier for Pep Guardiola’s side to wear blue shorts instead of white as that was their kit combination until last season?

Even fans who don’t usually care about which kit Arsenal wear, probably because they play terribly 99% of the time these days anyway, have found themselves disgruntled over this choice.

Some even think the red shorts and socks look too similar to Liverpool’s strip.

On the other hand, some Arsenal fans don’t care as long as the team aren’t wearing the blue kit of doom.

Next, fan fury…