Arsene Wenger is thinking about ending his reign as Arsenal manager this summer and moving into the boardroom, according to the Mirror in an article written before the Nottingham Forest shambles which increased the pressure on him.

Wenger signed a new deal in the summer that would keep him at the club until 2019.

However, the Mirror claim that the Frenchman is having second thoughts about seeing out the entirety of his contract.

The report doesn’t explain what’s causing Wenger’s doubts, only that he’s considering calling it quits.

And apparently, should he do so, he wants Mikel Arteta to replace him.

The Mirror suggests that members of the Arsenal board would be against the appointment due to pressure to appoint their own manager and not follow Wenger’s advice.

Arteta has been named as a potential successor before.

It’s difficult to take reports of this nature seriously when Wenger has constantly defied expectation.

Many thought he would call it quits last season, but he ended up extending his contract instead.

It’d be unlike Wenger to not honour his contract.

This news might be welcome to some, but with only the Mirror’s word to go by, it’d be best not to get your hopes up.