John Hartson has hailed “absolute magician” Dennis Bergkamp as one of the best strikers he played with.

Hartson, who played for Arsenal between 1995 and 1997, had the chance to play with some excellent strikers at the club.

He has particularly fond memories of Dennis Bergkamp, whose technique wowed everyone at the club.

Speaking to BT Sport’s Premier League Tonight, he said: “He was an absolute magician. 

“If Dennis Bergkamp played in the snow, he wouldn’t leave any footprints. That’s how good he was.

Dennis Bergkamp 2

“He used to float. He was just ridiculous. Some of his goals were out of this world.”

Bergkamp wasn’t quite the best striker Hartson played with, though.

He gave that honour to Swedish striker Henrik Larsson, who he played with at Celtic.

Hartson left Arsenal in 1997 for West Ham, so would have missed the chance to play with the likes of Nicolas Anelka and Thierry Henry.

Despite that, he had his best years away from the club and enjoyed a successful spell in Scotland.

He now works as a pundit and commentator.