Arsenal have eight points fewer in the Premier League this season than they had at the same time last term.

The Express have taken the depressing step of looking at how many points everyone had come matchday 22 last season. Well, depressing if you’re an Arsenal fan; positively thrilling if you support Manchester City.

The Gunners have eight points fewer this season than we did at this stage last term.

In January 2017, Arsenal were up in second with 47 points. Now we’re chilling down in sixth with 39.

Chelsea are doing even worse. The have nine points fewer so far this season than they did last.

City, meanwhile, are a whopping 19 (!) points better off.

Despite being worse off in terms of league position, Arsenal still have three first team stars in the 20 top rated Premier League players of the season so far.

alexis sanchez palace 5

According to stats from Who Scored, Alexis Sanchez is the 17th-best player in the league so far with a rating of 7.33. The Chilean’s scored eight goals and provided four assists in 21 appearances.

At the moment, the 29-year-old’s score isn’t as impressive as last season’s, which was 7.76.

Aaron Ramsey, who’s netted three goals and assisted eight, also has a rating of 7.33. Last season, he only managed a rating of 6.72 overall so he’s on course to improve upon this massively.

Shkodran Mustafi is the dark horse of the team though with a rating of 7.39. The centre-back has not only scored twice in 13 league appearances, he’s been a key player in defence. Last season, he had an overall rating of 7.35 so he’s already bettered himself.

The German might have a little way to go before he overtakes former Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho, who’s the top-rated player in the list with 8.03, but it shows how huge he’s been for the Gunners this term.