As the Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Arsenal rumours pick up pace, so is the story that the Gunners might sell Olivier Giroud to Chelsea. Could it really happen?

Initially, the media touted Giroud as a possible makeweight in the Gunners’ deal for Aubameyang. It made sense, as Dortmund will need a striker, and the Frenchman is struggling for game time in North London.

Then, further rumours surfaced that the 31-year-old would prefer to stay in London for ‘family reasons’. Chelsea were looking for a striker in Giroud’s mould already, so they made sense as a destination.

On the other hand, there isn’t much reason for Arsenal to let the striker go under those conditions. They lose a striker to a rival and get nothing but a bit of cash in return.

Then, Bild filled in the gap in the story, by revealing Dortmund want Michy Batshuayi from Chelsea. Now the three clubs all seem to want to complete deals that depend on the others.

The German side will sell Aubameyang on the condition they get Batshuayi. Chelsea will sell Batshuayi if they can sign Giroud. Arsenal will let Giroud go if they get Aubameyang. Suddenly the idea that the Gunners might sell their French striker doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

giroud v watford
Olivier Giroud.

Still, if Arsenal can somehow convince Dortmund to sell Aubameyang without giving Giroud to Chelsea, that’d be ideal. Whether on loan or on a permanent transfer, it’s a big risk giving the Blues a striker as good as the Frenchman, as it could boost their top-four hopes.

It’s just sad to think of the Gunners’ number 12 playing for Conte’s side. Scoring over 100 goals and spending almost six years at Arsenal, it’d be a shame to let that end with him moving to a rival.

The club sold Alexis Sanchez to Manchester United this month, so I think it’s clear they’ve gone into ‘protecting the team’s future’ mode. Even if it means strengthening a rival, Arsenal want a solid squad ready for next season.

From that point of view, Giroud could be next on the way out, though I hope not.