Mathieu Flamini won’t be joining Getafe despite having a successful trial with them.

Flamini was having a trial with the La Liga side and looked set to sign a one-and-a-half year deal with them.

However, the move has since fallen through after negotiations became “complicated”.

The reason for the move not going ahead has yet to be given, but Il Milanista suggests that the midfielder is still looking for a new club.

The former Arsenal player said in September that he was looking for a project that would “stimulate him” and give him a sense of challenge.

Perhaps Getafe, who sit 11th in La Liga, aren’t interesting enough for him to join.

Off the pitch, Flamini has visited several trade conferences and continues to be passionate about finding new forms of sustainable energy.

Having a lofty ambition such as saving the planet may be distracting him from football.

Or, it could simply be that he’s struggling to find a club that both interests him and is willing to pay him well.

Whatever the case, Flamini remains a free agent looking for a good club to pick him up.