Arsenal are the only big six club without a player worth €100m, according to a study by the CIES Football Observatory.

The Standard report the findings, showing Arsenal’s most valuable player is worth less than €100m. Alexandre Lacazette comes closest at €97.6m, but every other top Premier League club has at least one player worth more.

The CIES Football Observatory calculates the values using a range of factors, including performance, age and length of contract. Hence, Mesut Özil and Alexis Sanchez missing out, because they’re both 29 with their contracts expiring.

  1. Harry Kane – €194.7m
  2. Dele Alli – €171.3m
  3. Kevin De Bruyne – €167.8m
  4. Romelu Lukaku – €164.8m
  5. Paul Pogba – €147.5m
  6. Leroy Sane – €140.6m
  7. Mohamed Salah – €140.5m
  8. Raheem Sterling – €138.2m
  9. Marcus Rashford – €126.8m
  10. Gabriel Jesus – €122.6m
  11. Eden Hazard – €119.6m
  12. Alvaro Morata – €108m
  13. Roberto Firmino – €102.9m
  14. Bernardo Silva – €98.8m
  15. Sergio Aguero – €98.7m
  16. Christian Eriksen – €98.4m
  17. Alexandre Lacazette – €97.6m
  18. John Stones – €93.7m
  19. Eric Dier – €93m

Arsenal’s top player coming in at 17th, even in an abridged list for just Premier League teams, is concerning. The Gunners clearly lack quality on the pitch, that’s why they’re sixth in the top flight.

But if they also don’t have any value in the team, it’s going to be difficult to raise funds to improve. If Spurs lose Kane, for example, they’ll have plenty of money to spend on replacements. If they keep him, he’ll keep scoring them goals.

Arsenal are going to lose two of their best players for next to nothing in January or in the summer, so it’s a big worry how they’re going to fix the situation without funding. Hopefully some players will start to pick up their performances and force their way up the list.