Petr Cech signed for Arsenal in 2015, as Wojciech Szczesny was moved on by Arsene Wenger. But which goalkeeper has since performed better?

Szczesny’s Arsenal career practically came to end in 2015. Having lost the trust of Arsene Wenger, he was sent out to Roma on loan. In the same summer, Petr Cech arrived as the club’s new number one.

The move looked good business at the time, especially as he only cost the club £10m. Since then, however, Szczesny has improved and is making Arsenal’s decision to sell him in the summer a huge mistake.

Cech had a good first season at the club. In 34 Premier League games, he conceded 31 times and managed 16 clean sheets. That means Arsenal managed to shut out the opposition in almost half of the games Cech played in.

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Petr Cech

Szczesny conceded 34 goals in 34 games for Roma, but only kept eight clean sheets. The following season would see a drastic improvement for the Pole.

He conceded 38 goals in 38 games, but kept 14 clean sheets. Cech also had a decent year, shipping 37 goals in 35 games and keeping 12 clean sheets. Szczesny’s improvement was noted by Juventus, who capitalised on Arsenal’s unwillingness to keep him.

He’s played less than half the games Cech has this season, but boasts six clean sheets in 10 games. He’s only conceded six goals in a Juventus shirt.

Cech, meanwhile, is having his worst season at the club. 28 goals have been conceded in 22 games, though he has managed nine clean sheets. Szczesny has the luxury of a stronger defence, but he’s clearly on the up and showing Arsenal what they’re missing.