Manchester City are keen to do a deal for Alexis Sanchez quickly, but won’t bow to Arsenal’s demands. The Gunners would be foolish to accept less money, and should play hard-ball.

City want to complete a deal for Alexis Sanchez this month after the injury to Gabriel Jesus. They reportedly offered £25m for the forward, but Arsenal are holding out for £35m.

Pep Guardiola’s need for another forward doesn’t necessarily mean City will pay over the odds for Alexis either.

Given Arsenal turned down £60m for the Chilean in the summer, while knowing City have a lot of money to spend, they have little reason to come down on their demands. Unless Alexis is truly acting up and being impossible to manage, the Gunners shouldn’t sell him.

I feel they should definitely keep hold of him if they haven’t got a replacement lined-up. The worst case scenario would be Arsenal selling cheaply to City and then not bringing in a replacement this month – a scenario genuinely possible.

Their stance in the summer was that they would only sell if they could get a high quality replacement. If they’re still looking, it’d be mad to sell.

With the two clubs talking, it feels like a matter of time before this saga comes to an end. We just have to hope Arsenal are prepared for when it does.