It’s happened: David Ornstein has confirmed that Arsenal are close to reaching an agreement with Borussia Dortmund for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the BBC reporter’s Twitter replies are potentially even more delightful than the news itself.

Arsenal fans refer to the BBC’s David Ornstein as the ‘Ornacle’ because when he reports something, it’s almost always true.

Probably because he only tweets about a rumour if he knows it’s bang-on, which means he has a fairly high success rate which we analysed.

As a result, when Ornstein tweeted that Aubameyang was close to completing his move to Arsenal, Gooners lost it.

In fact, the replies to the reporter’s tweet are even better than the news itself.

Although, some are definitely NSFW, so I wouldn’t recommend having a look yourself until you’re not around other human beings.

Here’s what Twitter had to say in reply to Ornstein’s news:

The Gunners are set to sign the 28-year-old for a club record £60m. All that’s left is for Dortmund to find his replacement before they sanction the deal.

As you can tell, Arsenal fans are ecstatic with the news we could be signing such a prolific striker.

The transfer window shuts on Wednesday night – I’d expect this deal to suddenly speed up now.