Ian Wright thinks Alexis Sanchez should take a leaf out of Philippe Coutinho and Mesut Özil’s book, and believes the Chilean international has “clocked off”.

Alexis is coming to the end of his Arsenal contract, and in recent weeks he’s been playing like it’s already expired. That’s according to Wright anyway, as he told BBC Radio Five Live that the 29-year-old hasn’t been good enough.

“Sanchez looks to me like he’s clocked off. His attitude is saying a lot about him. If he could have gone in January, the way he’s playing now, I can’t see how that’s gonna hurt Arsenal. He’s not playing well enough, he’s not putting in a shift.

“I know Coutinho’s not coming to the end of his contract but Coutinho did want to leave. He made it clear, he put a transfer request in. Look at the way he’s playing, look at the way Ozil’s playing. The fact is you’ve got to still put it in.

“It says a lot about him. For people looking in, who are potential buyers, what are they thinking about him and his attitude?”

This season, the Arsenal forward only has four league goals in 15 games, which puts him well off last year’s total. With 20 games left to play, Alexis is on track to score only nine goals. In 2016/17, he scored 24 for Arsenal.

Similarly, his assist figures are down too. Three assists in 15 games leaves a lot to be desired. He bagged 11 in the previous campaign. Meanwhile, Mesut Özil is producing some of his best form for Arsenal.

The German international created a massive eight chances against Newcastle, and when his teammates missed every single one, he took it on himself to score a wonderful volley which earned the Gunners all three points.

So, I have to say I completely agree with Wright. If Alexis doesn’t start performing to his former levels, like Özil and Coutinho are doing, then it would be no great loss to Arsenal to see him leave in January.

The problem would be finding someone willing to pay enough for him.